Posted on 02 Dec 2017
If you live in Dubai and search for Dubai Beauty Salon Packages, you will find plenty of options, but you won’t find something as exquisite as what we offer.

At Red Velvet, we believe your beauty is our responsibility and that’s why we have a range of beauty packages that are designed to suit your every taste.

Some of packages are designed to enhance the beauty of your skin like the Shahnaz Hussain Facials, while our hair packages for Hair Treatment and Hair Colour will enhance your tresses.

We also offer Manicure and Pedicure packages to keep your body smooth and beautiful. You can also opt for our Hair Removal Packages, Threading, Bleaching and Body Massage Packages.

We have created a unique and magical world dedicated to beauty, using the latest technology. Here in your own treatment room at Red Velvet you are in the best hands of the aesthetics and you can enjoy a massage ritual treatment. Come and discover another way of treating beauty.


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