Posted on 03 Dec 2017

Dubai: The Fashion Capital Also Hair Fashion Capital

Dubai is on the cutting edge of the fashion industry, adding itself to the list of top fashion centers of the world. These days, Milan, New York and London have nothing on Dubai for haute couture. With regard to Best Hair Salon Dubai, the choices may seem a bit more confusing. Here is a list of the Best Beauty Salons Dubai to help make the choice clearer.

Red Velvet Beauty Salon 
This salon truly deserves its prominent place on this list with its new owner delivering personal attention to each client. In a surprising dichotomy, although this denizen of style offers makeup, henna, facials, nails along with the finest hair trends, their prices are stunningly reasonable. Their hallmark is a blend of Asian, Western and Indian styles. Don't forget to try their Shahnaz Hussain Herbal Facial, Ling Facial. Brazilian Keratin treatment and the hair straightening is superb. As an ideally located salon in Oud Metha, Red Velvet's ample parking and easy access from all surrounding neighborhoods make this salon a "must." Although some may be swayed by claims of upscale competitors, savvy fashionistas are increasingly finding this gem

Sisters Beauty Lounge
This salon is well above average with the expected salon service offerings. The hair services are contemporary, with the staff being largely friendly, competent, well-trained and artistic. The skin care services that are available are delivered professionally, using quality products. Sisters is priced appropriately based on the quality of the services.

The Haircrafters-BBlunt
Established and highly visible, this salon's advertises itself to be the glamour capital and media darling. The actual salon experience shows that they try to live up to the reputation they promote. The stylists are willing to spend time discussing the clients' needs to ensure a positive outcome. 

This salon is well known and established for a reason. The work is consistent and the prices are fairly reasonable. Long-time residents know this Beauty Salon believes that "more is better." With current trends showing a more natural look, it's good to know this before making an appointment -- the stylists will happily accommodate any specific request. 

Jet Set
Known for its celebrity British helmsman, this salon is perfect for those whose time is valuable. They can be relied upon to create a lasting style that resists frizz in an unkind climate. Clients remark that their finished styles maintain their look for days. The interior seems a bit sterile, but the services are delivered quickly and stylishly.

Salon Ink
This Australian owned salon has its share of local celebrity clients, and their specialty is eyelash application. The hair services are well done as well, with trendy styling and friendly staff. Pricey, but a visit to this salon is definitely worth the expense if the main interest is either highlighting or eyelashes.


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