Posted on 28 Dec 2017
Beauty salons and spas in Dubai do a bang-up job when it comes to upholding metropolis’ status as a hub of luxury. Whether it is a bikini wax for summer or a hair blowout for a self-treat, you will be spoilt for choice with all the great businesses out there. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the salon you go to is the price list. Below is a comparison of a few of the best establishments in Dubai to help make your decision a lot easier. 

1. Red Velvet Beauty Salon
This is one of the highest rated beauty salons in Dubai. It is widely appreciated for the affordability without compromise on quality. When it comes to hair, prices range from AED.75 for cuts to AED.350 for styling. With haircuts, in particular, the price can even go as low as AED.50 for trimming and AED.25 for front cuts. Hair coloring and highlights, on the other hand, start from AED.150 upwards depending on the extent, the coloring services and the condition of the hair. They also offer hair Botox treatment at prices agreed upon after consultation visits. There also have an impressive variety of facials with up to 20 different treatments including the signature Shahnaz and Ling facials. These are offered at prices ranging from AED.80-300. They also offer hair removal services with waxing and eyebrow threading. The former starts at AED.25 for simple underarm waxing whereas threading is offered at a price range of AED.30-40. Finally, manicures and pedicures are available at AED.25 for regular polish retouch as well as removal, AED.40-80 for a regular manicure or pedicure and 200 for gel nail polish application.

2. Twist Beauty Lounge
Haircuts here range between AED.30 for fringe cuts to AED.80 for full trimming. Hairstyling, in general, will cost anywhere from AED.200 upwards whereas coloring and highlights start from AED.250. When it comes to hair removal services the lowest price is AED.25 for armpit waxing while on the other end you would have to pay up to AED.250 for a full body wax. Facial treatments at this beauty lounge range from AED.200-400 with a wide variety of services including Botox treatment and corrective facials. If you want eyebrow threading with your facials, it would cost you an extra AED.85. Finally, manicures and pedicures range fromAED.50 for regular to AED.90-200 for gel polish.

3. Rami Jabali Salon and Spa
This is the luxury and high quality in store for clients in this beauty salon is evident from the price list. Here, haircuts range from AED.280-325 with styling prices starting at AED.250 upwards. Hair coloring and highlights are charged depending on the extent with AED.400 full head coloring, AED.250-350 for root touchups and AED.500+ for highlights. Manicures and pedicures are offered at AED.70-260 for regular polish and AED.145-300 bio sculpture natural gel. Removal of the nail polish will cost you between AED.25 and 35.

4. Hello Kitty Beauty Spa
Haircuts at the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa start from AED.190 whereas prices for coloring and highlight services start from AED.300. The spa also has an impressive range of facial services from AED.350 upwards. In this case, if you also want some makeup done you will have to spend not less than AED.60 in addition to the facials charge. Their manicure and pedicure prices are fair ranging from AED.60-70 with an extra AED.10 for nail art.

5. Vinca Rosea Ladies Spa
Haircuts cost from AED.100 upwards with basic services like washing and drying starting from AED.60 and coloring starting from AED.160. Their hair removal services include waxing that starts from AED.65 for arms and legs to up to AED.300 for full body waxing. It also includes eyebrow threading at AED.30. Facials on the other hand range from AED.165 to 350 depending on the specific service and the condition of the skin. As for the manicures and pedicures, gel nails cost AED.265 whereas regular nail polish work ranges from AED.70 for manicures to 80 for pedicures.

6. Emporio Donna Beauty Longue
At Emporio, haircuts cost AED.120 whereas basic services like trimming, washing and drying start from AED.70. Styling can cost as little as AED.150 and as much as AED.1200 depending on what exactly is being done to the hair. The spa also offers hair removal services including Brazilian waxes at AED.55, AED.60 for regular waxing of arms and legs and AED.30 for eyebrow threading. With basic facials, the cost is AED.180 while makeup facials cost AED.350+. Manicures and pedicures at the spa range from AED.60-135. 

7. Sisters Beauty Longue
For hair related work at this high-end salon, services like trimming and fringe cutting start from AED.210 while washing and blow drying costs AED.125. Depending on how you want your hair styled, you may pay anything from AED.350 to 1300. The Lounge also offers an impressive range of hair removal services including AED.55 Brazilian waxes, AED.100+ regular waxes, threading at AED.45. For facials treatments, charges start from AED.235 and AED.325 for makeup services. Finally, their nail services include gel polish manicures and pedicures at AED.105, nail extensions at AED.335 and AED.85-95 for the regular polish application. 

After all is said and done, it will cost you to look good. The good news is that you do not have to spend too much money to get the same luxury services and professional beauty treatments in high-end salons. This is evident with the likes of Red Velvet Salon which despite offering great services is incredibly affordable.

** The above prices are compiled from various price lists published online/offline prior to the implementation of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE. The actual price may vary.


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