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If it so happens that you are bored with the current hairstyle, hair perming is an excellent alternative. Perming will most certainly add both beauty and body to your hair as a result of all the curls. That way, you escape the boredom of having to blow-dry your hair every morning and yet there are better things to do that demand your attention as well. There are two types of perming styles. In the hot perm style, we begin by treating the hair then forming curls using a curling iron. Afterwards, the coils are styled into rollers and subjected to a relatively high temperature for a period. On the other hand, the cold perm hairstyle begins by soaking the hair in an alkaline solution and rolled to form the intended curls. The benefits of perming one’s hair are as listed below. ● It makes the hair look good ● It bulks up thin hair making it increase in volume which makes it efficient for people with weak hair ● It does not need an everyday styling and thus saving time and cost ● It can be applied even on dyed hair strands. Perming does not affect the pigmentation of the hair ● It provides for continuous treatment as soon as the hair grows


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