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We live in an era where all we do the whole day is sit behind the desk for an entire eight or nine hours a day. Science reveals that this can cause pressure on the back, the shoulders and the neck. That is why we here at Red Velvet Salon offer special body massages that are meant to relieve the tension and the stress from your body. Besides, the work pressure can also cause stress and endless splitting headaches that only work to the detriment of your health. Again, scientific research shows that massages can help relieve stress and anxiety and thus ensuring mental health. Allow us here at Red Velvet Salon to be the bridge that you can walk across to the other side of physical and psychological health.

Our massage services are skillful, soothing and engaging to create a real haven like experience. We have a wide range of massage services

  • Aching joints massages
  • Head, neck and shoulder massage


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