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To ensure that your skin looks fresh and elastic, then you most certainly need a body scrub. In as much as waxing may help your skin look healthy and shiny, it cannot compare with the benefits of scrubs. Scrubs have an overall role in the maintenance of healthy skin. Scrubs combine a variety of products that revitalize your skin and enhance the beauty. At Red Velvet, we use two types of body scrubs. 

Sugar Body Scrubs 
Sugar body scrubs are the most popular. On the sugar-based scrub, we add glycerin to make the scrub pasty like to which we apply on the skin. Sugar scrubs are not all that abrasive which makes it an excellent option for many people. The list below represents the benefits of using the sugar body scrub
  • It ensures that the skin is ready for an even tan
  • It awakens the skin pores to ensure that they work efficiently
  • The oil used relaxes and stimulates the surface prepared for rejuvenation 
Fruit Body Scrubs 
Fruits have natural oils that make them ideal for use in body scrubs. Besides the fact that fruit body scrubs eliminate the toxins, they have a sweet smelling fragrance that relaxes the mind and leaves one longing for more. Fruits body scrubs remove the dead skins cells due to exfoliation. Removal of dead skin allows the skin to stay moisturized all day long. Finally, it is an ideal self-skin tanning strategy for most people


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