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Every woman strives for a smooth and youthful skin. After all, a vigorous and bright skin associates one with beauty and radiance! Facial treatment is one of the most efficient methods of taking care of the skin and ensuring the maintenance of the natural beauty. Professionals at the Red Velvet Salon, Dubai will help you achieve a younger skin an one that is free of spots. What should you expect after a deep cleansing facial service from us? ● Increased skin elasticity ● An improvement in the textual irregularities ● Facial contours tightening ● Reduced fine lines and wrinkles There are many types of facials available. As such we first assess your skin type and condition then recommend the best facial treatment tailor-made to solve your specific problem. Among the types of facials that we offer include facial rejuvenation, deep exfoliation, deep cleansing, antioxidant protection, and oxygen-infused facial, back facial and dead skin removal


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