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At Red Velvet Beauty Salon, we believe that eyebrows can communicate a lot about one’s expression and image. Eyebrows give shape to the face and define the eyes and the forehead. As such we use eyebrow tinting and threading since they are the best tools for hair removal and contribute to face characterization. Now, eyebrow threading ensures that the top layer of the skin is always intact and prevents reddening or skin irritation. Instead of plucking, threading removes a single line of unwanted hair not just for the brow line but the lip and chin as well. We then roll over the threads in the area that has unwanted hair which in turn removes the hairs from the follicles leaving a clean and neat brow hairline. On the other hand, eyebrow tinting compliments your color and style. We provide the best colors that are a match, and that will compliment your best features. Additionally, eyebrow tinting fills in the image to present a full and more emphasized brow line. All these efforts are so that we accentuate and highlight your beauty in the best ways possible. What better way is there if not through eyebrow tinting and threading? We work towards bringing forth a more confident and attractive personality by enhancing the beauty in you.


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