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We love to be part and parcel of your big day. Common knowledge is that the bride should be the most stunningly beautiful person in the room. At Red Velvet Salon, we will make that dream come true for you. We do not count the cost of traveling all around Dubai just to beautify you on your wedding day. Our salon is in a strategic and conveniently nearing the stunning places of Dubai which makes it easy for us to rush when you call. So as to ensure that your big day is a success we advise that you make an early booking so that we can have sufficient time to consult with you. Consultation, in this case, involves you letting us in on some things. For instance, we will need to know the color theme so that we see the colors to use for the nail polish and other necessities. Additionally, the number of the bridesmaids is vital so that we are better able to plan our schedule. Feel free to bring the magazine cuttings and other relevant pieces of artwork that you have envisioned for your big day, and we will make your dream make up wedding come to reality. There are things we consider when settling for the perfect wedding look that will suit you. We find the skin color, the wedding style that you intend to have, and your appearance (in this case could be the shape of your face, your hair texture and how long or short the hair is). After all, the essence is to ensure that your make up will complement your features and your day as well.


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